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Patriotic Singaporean

Have we seriously asked ourself, what will i do should Singapore go into WAR? Run away to neighbouring country? Sigh i guess most answer I heard so far are rather disappointing.

Even when serving my national service, most of my camp mates would never step forward if we goes into war, typical remark "Pa Jian….Lim Peh Tao Jit Eh Siam" = "should there be a war, i’ll be the first one to run away"

Are singaporean born escapist? hide whenever they encounter a problem? Whats happening to our National Education?

Come on Singaporean, should the country not deserve our help, but what about our love one? are you expecting the whole family and relative to run with you? don’t you think thats niave? Why not just step forward and put ya life on the line protecting those you care. If you don’t even care about protecting your own loved ones. You expect any good things from a stranger?

So next time when someone ask u what you would do in times of war. Please have some though process before answering

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Classification of Friends

Imagine a friend recommending you to his friend and said, "this is XXX my best friend". Hm….. Doesn’t this sounds offending? He actually classify his friends into MAYBE "good, best & normal" hahaha…insultive isn’t it?

I guess this guys’ sincerity is just as much as his tummy can holds? "LIMITED" Come on, friends are friends and i believe they should be treated ith equal treatment.

To me its simple…eiher you are my friend or u r not. As a friends of mine, i’ll really  go that extra  miles if he/she need my help. Like wise i would appreciate if my friends could also do the same, but oh well is just my principle of treating MY friends. in one word "δΉ‰"

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What kind of bystander are you?

Are you the kind that would keep quiet when someone cuts into YOUR quee?

Alright…For me it despends on my mood, if i’m having my thinking cap on, I’ll not give a damn or i would say, i wouldn’t even have notice it. However if I’m not in the right sense of mine which is "quite often", i would literately shout raise my voice at the person and ask her to join the quee…seriously i dun give a damn to wat kinna person is cutting in….to me its doesn’t matter..and it really doesn’t. I believe she would be to ashamed to even pick up a fight but rather to tilt her head down and hide wriggle to some other holes.

Speaking of bystander, there is some kind of bystander that i despise. Being a people watcher, I came across people who would just mumble to themself and hoping that the "inconsiderate quee cutter" would have super sonnar ears to hear their mumblings.

Come on…..If you want to speak up…please speak out loud and make yourself heard. Don’t mumble like a coward and act as if you are doing something about it. Its people like "mumblers" that makes "inconsiderate quee cutters" even dare to exist.

Oh well…. here comes the main point…you might have notice…i mention that "inconsiderate quee cutter" as a " HER" ….from my observant again…they are usually WOMEN…age group late 30s and above ? Why? Women’s right? haha BALLs…..

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Women treating complaining as bargaining?

Ever wonder when you and partner or with a group of friends having dinner at a restaruant. You find something wrong with the food. Eg. a bugs, food is cold, uncooked, over cooked, food turns bad…and etc….. we would look at each other and think, hmm..GRT THE DAMN MANAGER HERE.

OK…here is where it gets interesting…..who can complain better? women or man?…. My experience is…WOMEN….caused women are just so good at complaining be it whom the receiver are. The result will always be exaggerating like she is the victim and and as if the whole world is going to crush on her. Upon that..she will get all the compensation plus some extra benefits. Which in the case.. The women will turn out a HAPPY dinner.

As for guys…the complaints will go through as well and might only get the necessary compensation. BUT…the guy will still be grumpy and might just walk off without finishing the meal.

Funny eh? Are guys just dumb or what? Balls again…..

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