Women treating complaining as bargaining?

Ever wonder when you and partner or with a group of friends having dinner at a restaruant. You find something wrong with the food. Eg. a bugs, food is cold, uncooked, over cooked, food turns bad…and etc….. we would look at each other and think, hmm..GRT THE DAMN MANAGER HERE.

OK…here is where it gets interesting…..who can complain better? women or man?…. My experience is…WOMEN….caused women are just so good at complaining be it whom the receiver are. The result will always be exaggerating like she is the victim and and as if the whole world is going to crush on her. Upon that..she will get all the compensation plus some extra benefits. Which in the case.. The women will turn out a HAPPY dinner.

As for guys…the complaints will go through as well and might only get the necessary compensation. BUT…the guy will still be grumpy and might just walk off without finishing the meal.

Funny eh? Are guys just dumb or what? Balls again…..

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