Patriotic Singaporean

Have we seriously asked ourself, what will i do should Singapore go into WAR? Run away to neighbouring country? Sigh i guess most answer I heard so far are rather disappointing.

Even when serving my national service, most of my camp mates would never step forward if we goes into war, typical remark "Pa Jian….Lim Peh Tao Jit Eh Siam" = "should there be a war, i’ll be the first one to run away"

Are singaporean born escapist? hide whenever they encounter a problem? Whats happening to our National Education?

Come on Singaporean, should the country not deserve our help, but what about our love one? are you expecting the whole family and relative to run with you? don’t you think thats niave? Why not just step forward and put ya life on the line protecting those you care. If you don’t even care about protecting your own loved ones. You expect any good things from a stranger?

So next time when someone ask u what you would do in times of war. Please have some though process before answering

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