Creativity – No Smoking

First thing first, I’m a non-smoker but i’m living with smokers for about 28yrs and counting.

With he recent ban of smoking in public places like community club, bus interchange and etc. "Posters" has been seen, hmmm or i should say have noon been seen.

You see…the ad says LOOK HERE,having a pair of eyes and a mind of my own. Do i reallyhave to LOOK HERE and know that …oh…its a no smoking area.

With our ageing population, where I "assume" that not many citizen or even tourist know that certain area is a no-smoking area. Am i’m suppose to be "FINE" or even be blame for smoking in these area?

Eh….is this how creaativity ads can be? You call that effective? Can’t a simple No_smk 

works? Hello….simplicity is still a  piece of ART!!!!

I’ve got no idea who the agency is responsible or the person ic-charge of accepting such ideas. Only 2 word -"Kay Kiang" "act smart"

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    Cindy said,

    Yo.. friend, is better to be a smoker than to be a 2nd hand smoker leh. For ur info as i was told much younger days to be a smoker as 2nd hand smoker takes in more leh,,, simething like that la. Anyway dont pick it up nit cheap 2.. waste $$$ only.

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