I guess that most singaporean has seen the commercial by "PCS" -"Pu Wei Zi Ye". If you still got no idea what i’m talking about. You may skip this post.

I’ve heard too often people complaining about their commercial being crapy and irritating. I got different views about it. I think the idea was fantastic,I must say they are the few companies which are acceptable to crazy ideas and of coz might be due to budget contstraints, the cast is always the same.

But don’t you think their ideas behind each theme is fantastic.

If Budweiser croaking frog/toad can gain so much recoginition, why can’t PSC.

I respect them in their willingness to ignore all criticism and do what they think is fresh and entertaining.

All these do not conclude that their show is nice:) hehehe
agian my none the 2 cents worth of thoughs

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