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A brand new begining

Yipee….its 2006…but sigh…to 2005. Guess wat, i’m like bed-riden on the last day of 2005. Damn…i’ve got food poisoning..argh….frm….Mc Spicy<—*main suspect*???

But looking on the bright side, its like a full body detox for me in Welcoming the brand new year. Yeah…i’m now a different man…with all the "bad stuffs" gone. hehe.

Its like i have metamorphorse just like, from a coocoon to a butterfly. Yeah…this year will definitely be a better one.

K..enough said…lets embrace 2006 now…..

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Season of Reflection

This the season to be jolly…falalalalalalala…..ok, skip the Christmas part. Lets jump to the NEW YEAR.

I must say, this season isn’t really a time for us to have a wishlist of items but it has come to the point where we have to sit back to reflect on ourselves. What will be my new year resolution….

Here is mine….

1) To be a better man *duhz*
2) To be more meticulous in my work.
3) To cry more
4) To be more compasionate & Sensitive
5) To GROW TALLER (shh….)

Thats all about it…the rest is up to my capabilities 🙂

lastly…Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

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