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Bias…hmm…I’m just being fair

Ok, I guess we all hate when our parents are bias or teacher practice favouritism.

About parents.. do you have the habbit to give them pocket money or ang pao when the is special occasion like Lunar new year or their Birthday?

Haahaha..I was intending to give my mum a bigger angbao compared to my dad…till i realise.. Hmmm..wat am i doing???? shouldn;t i treat them fairly. In the end, i gave both of them the same amount. hehe bigger ang bao for 1 of you. Though one can say that amount doesn’t count and its the thought *haha how crap can this statement be*…but some how deep inside each individual..there is always this thing call greed and senses that tinkle us to think how come he/she got more??

How come the grass over there is greener
How come your apple looks juicier…etc…
How come your blaaa..bla..bla..
List goes on and on

See….i some how realise i’m those arsehole who practice biasness…but of course i always try reflect on my action and correct them if necessary.. hahaha remember by new year resolution…TO be a BETTER MAN *ahem* Ok not always…sometimes i do wanna play bastard and be a pain in ya ass.

Way of my Life. Do not do to others what you do not want others to do to you….UNLESS you know DAMN SURE that they are not capable of doing it BACK. Yeah…kick some ass in life man!!!

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THE Taboo < >

Sigh….though i’m not married yet…but i think marriage is such sweet sorrow. Taken from some chinese movie, can’t really recall the exact words but here s my own version.

Initial few months of a relationship is about understanding each other and accepting the flaws.
The next few months is about is about maintaining the relationship
After that, everything has turn into a routine and habbit
Next I guess Marriage will be the only continunity to it.

Sigh..Isn’t that such sweet sorrow.

Is it sweet or is it sorrow…sigh..only the couple will know.

OK…..marrige is still a taboo word….shh……i don’t know anything…hehehe

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Please switch off ya mobile phone and be considerate.
And tat irritating song that goes waiting…for…you…..

All seems familiar eh…..

OK..these are some advert in cinema b4 the shows start.
If you manage to catch all these..ok…u r

Isn’t it sad that we are wasting or percious time watch ads at the espense of being early
and that the cinema is not starting the show on time.

On TV ads span are around 3mins per 15min interval. at least they have a specific duration for ads on TV. However in cinema…isn’t there someone to control the amount of ads to be displayed?

I caught a 2155hrs show at GV Tiong Bahru, I was there early as usual and got seated by 2150. "Hey Iike to watch trailers" As usual, the show started only at 2215hrs….K thats it….its like 20mins or more of Advert &  trailer watching and having to reach home late. Damn….i’m furious.

Come on…We paid that freaking 9Bucks for a show…not to let u keep us waiting and cause disrupting to out timing.

Shouldn’t they start the trailer and advert like 5-10 mins before the desiginated show time?

When traveling and flight got delayed, it might be due to the weather….time and tides waits for no man…. What excuse has it got for Cinema to start the show late? Isn’t punctuality as god damn important as switching off ya mobile phone and not supporting PIRACY?

Hello…..perhaps every 20mins u save u can actually screen 1 more show? Duhz!!!!

K…..i want my money back. 🙂

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