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Sigh….though i’m not married yet…but i think marriage is such sweet sorrow. Taken from some chinese movie, can’t really recall the exact words but here s my own version.

Initial few months of a relationship is about understanding each other and accepting the flaws.
The next few months is about is about maintaining the relationship
After that, everything has turn into a routine and habbit
Next I guess Marriage will be the only continunity to it.

Sigh..Isn’t that such sweet sorrow.

Is it sweet or is it sorrow…sigh..only the couple will know.

OK…..marrige is still a taboo word….shh……i don’t know anything…hehehe

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    malay bloke said,

    hey brader…i am crossing that bridge to marriage..yes it is sweet sorrow currently…but thats life aye. many things about life is sweet sorrow.
    too much sweetnesss leads to diabetics. too much sorrow dun wanna see tomorrow. hopefuly marriage got partner to keep one going at al times. Gong Xi Fa Cai ah brader 🙂

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