Let me keep it short and simple. I’m not getting married and if I am….don’t worry, none will be spare from my invitation. Anyway the like all of my previous post, i write what came through my mind. It goes in…it must come out….I like figuring out things my ownway…my own defination…my way…my life.

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    if u need a wedding coordinator, let me know. sure make money one.

    concept: collect ang bao money first via online (visa, mastercard, internet bank transfer). based on collected amount, use the average collection to gauge per table cost. those who pay more, get better food and nearer to the front. those who pay less, get lousier food and nearer to the toilet. at the reception, put up a plasma tv to show the list of thank you to guest (with the $$$ they give). can ask for corporate sponsors for the table as the profiling is accurate too (e.g. uncle peter, $80, age 28). and as for hard liquor, men get 1 coupon while women can have unlimited rounds. and that are for women who wear outrageously short skirt only (just in case, your 200 kg 3rd auntie drinks too much). and don’t forget to allow those nice relatives (aka drunk relatives) to provide more ang bao money via giving them a GIRO form to fill in.

    lastly, there is always a wedding gift yeah? put a discount coupon on the ang baos for the next wedding (just in case u remarry next time). and remember to put “thank you” and “do come again”.

    peter, the wedding coordinator.

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