Colours of the VEGE

Few days back, mum woop up a dish that make all our jaws drop. Not thats its delicious. That fact that the colour of the cabbage is actually PURPLE. Good for those who are colour blind. But to us….its like a culture shock…its like an exotic dish no I should say…its a RETRO dish. We are like so reluctant to try the dish…i mean…purple, how many dish or food can you think of that is purple? brinjal? Eggplant?…heh…not much right ITS A PURPLE CABBAGE!!! like those you eat in salad. Just imagine…a whole bowl of purple cabbage with no other colours…JUST PURPLE… It set us thinking…would it taste wierd…Oh well
pluck our courage and…hmm…there it goes… the food down our throat..








OK…cabbage is just cabbage..colour might differ..but taste is the same.

Don’t it kinna ring the bell??? There is just some colours that we can’t accept for what it is? Sigh..Colour Colour Colour Colour…..nice colouring but yet so misleading.

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