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They say time and tide waits for no man….I say man wait at the wrong time

Ever wonder why are we waiting? and what exactally are we waiting for? I don’t like to wait…like wise i don’t like people to wait for me either.

But… what "IF"..the BIG "IF"…. there are things worth waiting for? Shouldn’t we just wait? Now think about it? What are things worth waiting for…*ponder* When we aready know what we are expecting or we are expecting something to turn out GOOD.

Here is an some "slice of life"to ponder upon.

Scene 1)Your are waiting for a bus at a "Bus Stop"…5 min pass…*argh* u start cursing the driver..

Scene 2)Your are at a bus "Interchange"…it indicated 6min for the next bus…u happily quee and wait.

Your dun grumble…u notice that??

Jump to scene 1) The bus arrive..everyone squeeze up the bus except u…u curse and swear again #%&@


Jump to scene 2) The is a long quee, you quee up but still unable to board the bus, u keep quiet and wait for the next bus….hmmmm.

Comparing scene 1 & 2….is all waiting…but waiting at different we observe different behaviour.

Sometimes i really wonder…how ironic can man be when we talk about "waiting"

oh well…just a slice of life….i’ll slowing bring out more slices in my upcoming post.

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