S.W.O.T Analysis

Few days back my mum told me a interesting theory. It wasn’t exactly hers, she quoted off my Dad’s conversation with my bro.

Here is what she said to me, towards a girlfriend, you should be looking for her weakness. But towards a wife, is about looking at her strength. Whaa….thats is some methodology which I learnt in school but didn’t know it can be applied in a relationship. I’m like…hmmmm cool.

In marketing its call S.W.O.T Analysis,

But in a relationship, it is only about strength & weakness.
Hmm…perhaps i can write a book on the S.W.O.T Analysis of relationship
Heh…who would want to buy a book writen by a insensitive & and self believe guy!

OK back to the the Strength & Weakness in a girl……., Wanting to marry a girl whom you think you will have no regrets is definitely tough. Thats why the first thing is to look for its weakness ot flaws, then we decide weather its the ONE! But as luck or fate would have, one is never 100% right about its choices. Thats where the strength comes in. Finding the strength if your now wife, it will cover her "last minute found" flaws & cloud your negative thinking about her.

Hahaha don’t you think thats a WONDERFUL way of handling a relationship?

You will say easier said then done…and I say Just do it
But without me *LOL*

slice of life again 🙂

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