My Poem: Moving On

I’m feeling rather down today, but I’ll not let alcohol spoil the day.
My love for poems is never gone, below is a poem showing my lorn

Have fun reading & pardon my language…sigh.

Moving On

Lost love is a feeling that one cannot describe.
The once felt feeling is no longer by our side

For once our vision is without your sight.
Yet I’m sure I’m suffering in blight.

Looking back at the things we have done.
I know that somethings just cannot be undone.

Life will no longer be the same from now on.
I know deeply that I have to move on.

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  1. 1

    Sherry said,

    We were suppose to meet last Wednesday,
    But I hate to stay and work late.
    The upteen times we’re suppose to meet,
    @ Wala Wala to have a feast!
    But this week I am sick to the core,
    And trust me..I even puked on the floor.
    But I promise you that we will meet,
    Despite the rain and the heat,
    See you soon my bitching friend,
    Lots of love and kisses i send..

    (I can write poems too lo!)

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