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Happy New Year!!! New Year = New Resolution

I thought I would have a boring new year year eve countdown in 2006. But yeah…though not that happening, but at least I enjoy the company.

2006 seems to end badly for me, but i’m glad its has ended! Since 2007 has set it. New Resolution needs to be set too!

1)Spend more quality time with my family
2)Forget yesterday sorrow and aim for a better tomorrow
3)Have a fruitful Vietnam trip
4)More development opportunity & new projects in my work
5)Be a better man
6)Use kinder words
7)Get a car
8)Get more sleep
9)Meet more friends

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Post Deleted

I’ve deleted my previous post on "Been there done that….what goes around, comes around".

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Accruing of Assets

Having good physical built/shape & having the looks can be the best assests one could have.

However if you don’t, don’t worry….start accruing them now! its never too late. here are the hot pick assets for Guy & Gals.

Guys (if you got no looks or built) get…
a) A sports car. *convertible preferred*
b) Ya own house *a private pool preferred*<who could resist a pool with privacy?>
OK…thats about it.

a) Nice hair style
b) Nice clothings *short/mini skirt prefered* Cleveage revealing toppreferred too*
c) Nice shoes
d) Nice pair of shades
e) Enough make up to cover ya pores!

Ok….you should know by now… Guys need to spend a big fortune in accruing the assest which is of their best interest, while our ladies out there need only a fraction of what is required of the guys!

Like love, it sometimes resort to loving for our own interest. Who could resist a guy driving a convertible with a house equipped with a private pool. And who could resist a well dress looking lady.
Therefore relationship is like a bussiness transaction, we simply love to deal with people with the most assets!

~Slice of life, and the thinnest slice

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Everyone carry their own CROSS

I was blog hopping and came across this blogger call "Old beng"
Blow is a story quoted off his blog:

Mr Tan had been married for 7 years. He was an average white-collar
executive in a MNC, driving a Nissan, lived in a Terrace, went for
vacation every year with his wife and only son. He paid his tax timely,
his life was nothing but plain routine, plain like the plain water.

On a Friday night, Mr Tan came home later than usual after having a few Beer in the Pub with some of his colleagues.

Mrs Tan wasn´t feeling well and they started a quarrel over a trivial matter and accidentally, Mr Tan killed his wife.

was panic and didn´t know what to do. He was only 30 years old, he had
a good career and he definitely didn´t want to go to jail for a
mistake, an unintended mistake, caused by him.

Good thing his 5-year-old son Alex was already asleep.

much consideration, Mr Tan buried his wife in his garden. His corner
terrace was the last unit and his immediate neighbour, the Lim Family
was in the States and would only be back the following week.

While cleaning himself in the bathroom, Mr Tan kept thinking, "How am I going to explain to Alex where his mummy has gone to?"

his 5-year-old was super-duper glued to his mummy, Mr Tan was really
worried how to answer Alex question about his mummy´s whereabout.

One day passed… Alex never asked any question.

Second day passed… Alex still didn´t ask for his mummy.

Third day passed…

Fourth day passed…

the fifth day, Mr Tan could no longer suppress his doubts, he asked
Alex, "Alex, how come you don´t miss your mummy? How come you never ask
me where mummy goes?"

Alex, with his big innocent eyes, looked at his daddy and replied, "Daddy, I want to ask you one question?"

"Yes?" Mr Tan asked.

"Why are you carrying mummy behind your back for so many days……"

To me it kind of resemble a Thai horror movie "Shutter", but Old Beng got a easy listening version. I thought about it and I later had a thought going through me. Its like what they meant by "everone carry their own cross" For those holy molly people, its a cross they r carrying…. but for those evil or non good deed doer, what u carry is wat u have brought upon yaself. Karma to be exact.

Sometimes I wonder what kinna load i’m carying. What ever i’m carrying be prepared for the ride that i’m going to go through….yiiiiii haaa…!

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Skin Deep Beauty!

They say, "beauty is only skin deep" but I say beauty is how you look. Skin deep only applies to those w/o the looks or rather its and excuse for them.

However I always ask myself, do I find women in their late 40s pretty? If they ain’t, why are their husband still with them? commintment, inner beauty, or taste for beauty grows with age? I reckon it to be the 1st!

Most people tell me its the 2nd and almost all agreeed that the taste for beauty don’t grows with age. Coz you r only prettiest at ya prime, and prime happens to be youth, and youth is time and time n tide waits for no men or women!

So how can you love someone and be with someone and claim that it is for eternal? *maybe i’m shallow, but i still seeking to know the truth* I can’t comit to things i ain’t confident with.

If I ever get married and grows old with my partner, and i come to a point where i’m more attracted to younger women as compared to my partner? AM I WRONG?

Damn…i’m confused. strike me with a lightning n enlighten me ;>

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