Skin Deep Beauty!

They say, "beauty is only skin deep" but I say beauty is how you look. Skin deep only applies to those w/o the looks or rather its and excuse for them.

However I always ask myself, do I find women in their late 40s pretty? If they ain’t, why are their husband still with them? commintment, inner beauty, or taste for beauty grows with age? I reckon it to be the 1st!

Most people tell me its the 2nd and almost all agreeed that the taste for beauty don’t grows with age. Coz you r only prettiest at ya prime, and prime happens to be youth, and youth is time and time n tide waits for no men or women!

So how can you love someone and be with someone and claim that it is for eternal? *maybe i’m shallow, but i still seeking to know the truth* I can’t comit to things i ain’t confident with.

If I ever get married and grows old with my partner, and i come to a point where i’m more attracted to younger women as compared to my partner? AM I WRONG?

Damn…i’m confused. strike me with a lightning n enlighten me ;>

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    ShirLene said,

    Hi there..though i do not know u personally yet..but what u had mentioned in ur blog has triggered my mind..tat little question tat have been roaming around in my tiny little brain since i reach puberty..

    The usual questions tat usually happen in girls’ talk is ” will men stay faithful even after marriage?”….i am always standing on the deck with the board on my head ‘NO’. Hmm..maybe i may be wrong..but again what u said is what i have always perceive and believe..which older men can resist the beauty and scent of a younger woman?your long time so called ‘soulmate’ is there with you for so many decades and still nagging and wrinkling daily..the young and pretty ones are somehow stress reliever to the eyes and sweeter voice plump the ears..

    so till to date till i am already married..i do not try to brain wash myself into believeing tat my hubby and i will stay happily married together forever and ever..but all i do is to enjoy and treasure every moment we have together, while our hearts still have each other and no ‘intruders’ yet..

    (Shirlene’s Own Quote: Love & Treasure Every Single Moment You Have of Each Other..Till the Day Arrives…)

    Shirlene Tan

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