Accruing of Assets

Having good physical built/shape & having the looks can be the best assests one could have.

However if you don’t, don’t worry….start accruing them now! its never too late. here are the hot pick assets for Guy & Gals.

Guys (if you got no looks or built) get…
a) A sports car. *convertible preferred*
b) Ya own house *a private pool preferred*<who could resist a pool with privacy?>
OK…thats about it.

a) Nice hair style
b) Nice clothings *short/mini skirt prefered* Cleveage revealing toppreferred too*
c) Nice shoes
d) Nice pair of shades
e) Enough make up to cover ya pores!

Ok….you should know by now… Guys need to spend a big fortune in accruing the assest which is of their best interest, while our ladies out there need only a fraction of what is required of the guys!

Like love, it sometimes resort to loving for our own interest. Who could resist a guy driving a convertible with a house equipped with a private pool. And who could resist a well dress looking lady.
Therefore relationship is like a bussiness transaction, we simply love to deal with people with the most assets!

~Slice of life, and the thinnest slice

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