Happy New Year!!! New Year = New Resolution

I thought I would have a boring new year year eve countdown in 2006. But yeah…though not that happening, but at least I enjoy the company.

2006 seems to end badly for me, but i’m glad its has ended! Since 2007 has set it. New Resolution needs to be set too!

1)Spend more quality time with my family
2)Forget yesterday sorrow and aim for a better tomorrow
3)Have a fruitful Vietnam trip
4)More development opportunity & new projects in my work
5)Be a better man
6)Use kinder words
7)Get a car
8)Get more sleep
9)Meet more friends

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  1. 1

    Sherry said,

    Can you pass number 9 to me? As you can see..my life revolves around people who are not that OUTGOING!

  2. 2

    Wind said,

    yaa..u are rite…mate!!.. go vietnam get a wife.. more projects for ur work prospect… better man is alyws a wiser man.. kinder words is alwys a gentleman.. a car is alwys good!!.. more sleep is alwys look younger.. more friends is alyws more “lobang”.. last bt not least BE URSELF.. well.. u have alreadi be urself liao.. happy new year 2007!!

  3. 3

    Thomas said,

    Sherry, U still have me! ya bitchy gossipy me! We should meet real soon coz, no 9 states…i must meet more friends!

    Wind, When u gonna hang ard wif me? When u gonna bring me to see the sun the sand the sea…and the babes!!!! Wait till caterpillar starts crawling on the wall and morph into butterfly?*u get what i mean* LOL

  4. 4

    malay bloke said,

    you have a great 2007 dude~!

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