.:: Lord of the Club ::.

Its been a while since I actually "club" *ahem*, But i must say St. James is really quite a happening place. With that much space, its ambience is really cool n decor nicely done up. Though only been the DragonFly & Power House. I bet the rest are definitely on par with these 2! whats more…the crowd is crowded? hmm.."crowd is crowded..redundancy in words" nevermind, u get what i mean.

To be frank, I kinna like DragonFly, good band, good singer, good crowd, good service crew "Nick"<= he is the best!!! & of coz great companion!
Though not really a place for serious dancing…and i think i can only {{{shake}}} or {{{vibrate}}} instead of dance.  Its suits me well….at least a place I can let down my hair!! Alright…just a side note, I’m taking up dancing.

Oh…..there is just 1 thing I kinna feel wierd abt St. James is….the Members card is so damn cheap….its makes the member feel so "un-exclusive".duhz.

okie..enough advertising…actually I’m not. But I just felt that this place ROX!
If u r thinking of clubbing there…eh u think i can join in *wink*

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