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Time Flies

2006 is just over and ….swoooosh….we r now entering the 3rd month of 2007. How time flies!! There is so much to do this year, its been a very fufilling 2mths, with lots of fun and fulfillment!

Oh… I just came back from Vietnam a week ago, and i must saw, its a eye opening experience for me. Went to one of their club "MGM" damn, not much pple dancing but the place is HUGE and its like almost not affordable for most of the locals. heard that the owner spend US2mil on the renovation! cool!

heheh…even when i just came back for holiday, i’m already planning for my next trip. I’ll be going with NaNa this time. Our virgin vouyage together…LOL i think its gonna be fun!

Ohh…. guess wat…whahah.. Me and my colleagues shared money for some 4D n ToTo and we strike BOTH all in 1 week!!!!! not much though, but it just feel good to strike lottery. Next target, Big Sweep & Ang Bao Draw, we intend to bag it all in this CNY! Striking all forms of draw by Singapore Pool!!

Paradiz Centre…here i come!!!!!!

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Its gonna be a wicked post!

Which of the following is "SICK"

a) White Chocolate

b) Chocolate & Vanilla Twist

c) Raspberry & Vanilla Twist

U will puke if u know what i meant *wink*

Anyway, V Day either came from a Women or a businessman!

But be it who, I think its a day where everyone wins! yeah…the so can win win win….etc situation!

U see, if pple dun spend on that day, the economy isn’t gonna move an inch!

U pay!! n everybody wins!!!

The Florist wins!
The Gift Shop wins!
The Restaruant wins!
Your Girlfriend/Wife wins! Why? coz she will felt loved! hehehe
You! YES YOU also win!! Why? Yah GF/wife will be touched and love n treat u better!

Heah…..isn’t V’Day such a wonderful day!


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Resolutions Monitoring #FEB

I’ll try to do it on  monthly basis to ensure that I’m fufilling or working towards my 2007 resolutions.

1)Spend more quality time with my family
I think i need to be more patience wif my old man! Sometimes he just get on my our nerves with his endless reasoninsg!!!

2)Forget yesterday sorrow and aim for a better tomorrow

3)Have a fruitful Vietnam trip
Yet to come, but the mood just isn’t that. Need to list out my expectation for vietnam soon!

4)More development opportunity & new projects in my work
Sorted out most of the plan for this year already, hopefully everthing goes well wif no hip-cups

5)Be a better man
I think I’ll get the hang of it soon……I hope i know what i’m doing..*grin*

6)Use kinder words
Need to update more kind words in my volcab & delete those cruel & hurtful volcab. Damn.. don’t tell me this r the our few words to describe people!!!

7)Get a car
Working towards it……no rush!!

8)Get more sleep
I’m using 12MN as the time to tug in! last time…hehehe  4am!! see e improvement?

9)Meet more friends
Whaa Piang……those fark up one…pls…stay away from me….I’m not ya neighbourhood mama shop! Don’t keep coming to me for particually no good LOBANG! If helping at no cost can score point…I think I got a DISTINCTION for it!!! Maybe I should add a new resolution "Using NO as an answer"

I can’t help but wonder…is being myself equal to not following any resolution? hehe LPPL!!

1 resolution down….9 more to go….gogogo!!!

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