Time Flies

2006 is just over and ….swoooosh….we r now entering the 3rd month of 2007. How time flies!! There is so much to do this year, its been a very fufilling 2mths, with lots of fun and fulfillment!

Oh… I just came back from Vietnam a week ago, and i must saw, its a eye opening experience for me. Went to one of their club "MGM" damn, not much pple dancing but the place is HUGE and its like almost not affordable for most of the locals. heard that the owner spend US2mil on the renovation! cool!

heheh…even when i just came back for holiday, i’m already planning for my next trip. I’ll be going with NaNa this time. Our virgin vouyage together…LOL i think its gonna be fun!

Ohh…. guess wat…whahah.. Me and my colleagues shared money for some 4D n ToTo and we strike BOTH all in 1 week!!!!! not much though, but it just feel good to strike lottery. Next target, Big Sweep & Ang Bao Draw, we intend to bag it all in this CNY! Striking all forms of draw by Singapore Pool!!

Paradiz Centre…here i come!!!!!!

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