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Junkie “r” Us

I’ve put on some weight, the 1st symptom was when i can’t jump beyond 240cm at standing board jump. Next my mum and sis brought this up to me… Aw… I guess a little weight won’t hurt. hehe all thanks to "keow keow"

Anyway I need to cut now on my sarcasm. I think its seriously pissing some weak hearted friends off.

I’m off the to the land of smile in MAY. And I hope my next destination will be "Bora Bora Island"

Lastly, I’ve failed to achieve anything from my ICT except for body ache caused by some "AEROPLANE CRASHING" and "LOVE BITES" by our friendly Area D Commando Mosquito.

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Training to be solider

Training to be solider, fight for our land.
Once in our life, two years of our time.
Have you ever wonder, why must this be?
Cause we love our land, and we want it to be free, to be free.


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Mr Vain Pot

Muahhaa….I’m concern about my complexion now….FINALLY…after much education & effort from Nana.

Doing my MASK!

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300 Spartans

300….nah, it  only deserve my 2cents worth of comment. Boy was I disappointed or what! I think 300 is highly over rated or even worth rating. I wouldn’t even say its a touching show. To me the actor just isn’t expressive enough. If you have seen some patriotic movies like braveheart and Armageddon, the face on Mel Gibson & Bruce Willis is enough to set some tears rolling. On the other hand, maybe Spartans just ain’t allowed to show any sign of weakness and feelings.LOL

Next show I’ll be catching will be Music & Lyrics. But that will have to wait till I come back form Sungei Gedong SAF Resort.

P/S I’ve found my Happyness……muahahaha…..

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Caught "The Pursuit of Happyness" at Vivo yesterday and Nana was sobbing. I could understand the sobbing as it was indeed a touching story. I kind of felt sad especially when Will has no one to turn to and when he snap at everybody that prevent him from providing a roof over his kids.

1 word "TOUCHING"

Fav quote
"Don’t let anyone tell you wat is impossible just because its impossible for them.

Fav sceen
When they r in a cave escaping from T-Rex *see e show n u will get what i mean*

Person perception of story : Its never hard or tough life can be but its about wat you want to be and how badly u wanted it.

He who not know what he wants never actually own anything.

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