Tissue Paper : “this seat is chope”

Having read TODAY for this week, the topic in town is Plastic Bag & Tissue Paper!!

Someone commented that its a ingenious way that Singaporean had came up with, using packets of tissue paper to "chope" seats at hawker center or food court.

Whaa if there is like 5 seats and only 3 packets of tissue, does it equate that 3 seats are "chope"??? heheh and if I happen to be "KL"(okie I’m those "KL" type) and sit in those seats, and my fellow ugly Singaporean said "excuse me, these seats are taken"
Will they accept the fact that there are only 3 packet of tissue paper? And if it happen that they "LL" stand behind me and stare at me, I will turn my head back and smile at them, saying: "if standing and staring is going to make you feel better" I really hope that your are enjoying what you are doing.

Muahaha really I will just do that. Coz I’ve been pissed by so many uncivilized people this week.

Imagine someone called ya phone and and realize its the wrong number when u tell em, THESE BARBARIAN S.L.A.M their freak phone…I got so pissed and i called back and said….i think u could at least say" sorry" when u dialed the wrong number then slam the phone down! Thanks n BYE!

Whaaa laoz…what happen to the campaign to make Singapore a swiss standard environment?

Opss i think i digress a little..okie back to the tissue paper thing!!

I think I’ll just highlight the fact that these tissue pose as a treat to the society. Imagine a BOMB in these innocent looking tissue paper? At a hawker center man!!!! how many gonna get hurt?? get hurt real bad???

Also shouldn’t tissue paper be cut down?? SAVE the trees, PROTECT the environment!!!! Bring ya own handkerchief campaign!!!! See if they will put their handkerchief on the table top! hehhe…i’m just a meanie!!

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    Sherry said,

    Love that you are so BITCHY!!!!!!!

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