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No Life after Schools

Was having lunch with Vincent and I told him about him missing out in our class gathering and he join us someday. I mention about our plan to go sentosa and we both soon realize, why are we going o Sentosa? the girls ain’t going to get into a bikini and definitely not playing volleyball? Their boobs might just get flatten with milk oozing out…ops…censor that!

Why can’t we be like last time, we we all cheong with no regrets and do what we feels like it. guess that, we all have grown up and family r our priority.

Therefore after much suggestion, it best we stick to a nice dinner and maybe a few games of bowling or pool to call it a day.

The vitamin C, graduation night s now playing in my mind. *sob*sob*

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Freedom Writer

Recently I’ve been watching quite a few not so "spotlighted" films. And I finally caught freedom writer, damn….. I’m beginning to like such shows, its so inspiration and touching. Their acting is really top notch! best of all the film also show how they goes against convention teaching and finding ways to overcome obstacles due to "stubbornness" or red tapes.

Oh..about freedom writer, yes everyone can be a writer, just like what I’m currently doing. Posting a blog post. thats writing a story too, however do pardon my abbreviations or net lingo.

Here is some recommendations from me
Freedom Writer,
Pursuit for happyness
The illusionist
Killing Harlod Click or aka. Stranger than Friction

BTW, Spidermen 3 also rocks, however Kristen Dust is BORING!

p/s i’m learning to enjoy the greater aspect of life now, thanks to u 🙂

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Shaggamina BKK

I’m finally back from BKK, and its really "shaggamania" Shopping NON-STOP for 3days…whaa… i brought  a year or 2 supplies of clothings! Stayed at this super cool resort. Imagine my own jacuzzi pool. Muahah…i couldn’t stop "jacuzzing" myself.
Service is suppered too! next time i might just stay in their suite…coz their suite looks super duper cool as compared to my deluxe room!!!

Nana had a great time too. She was telling me she don’t want to leave yet coz she is still not done with the shopping yet. when she brought like 10pair of shorts, 10pair of shoes and numerous of tops & bags!!! CRAZY though..but my goddies rnot far behind hers. hehe

Actually she enjoy the fact that we have spoken less then 3 thai words and we survived! Its kinna excite us when we say we might just go Jap or some foreign where english and chinese are not common. I told her that our next destination will be either HK/Shanghai/Taiwan or Korea.

Oh….i’ve got a new hair cut….whaa…stylo mylo….LOL.
will upload when i get the photos into my PC!

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