Shaggamina BKK

I’m finally back from BKK, and its really "shaggamania" Shopping NON-STOP for 3days…whaa… i brought  a year or 2 supplies of clothings! Stayed at this super cool resort. Imagine my own jacuzzi pool. Muahah…i couldn’t stop "jacuzzing" myself.
Service is suppered too! next time i might just stay in their suite…coz their suite looks super duper cool as compared to my deluxe room!!!

Nana had a great time too. She was telling me she don’t want to leave yet coz she is still not done with the shopping yet. when she brought like 10pair of shorts, 10pair of shoes and numerous of tops & bags!!! CRAZY though..but my goddies rnot far behind hers. hehe

Actually she enjoy the fact that we have spoken less then 3 thai words and we survived! Its kinna excite us when we say we might just go Jap or some foreign where english and chinese are not common. I told her that our next destination will be either HK/Shanghai/Taiwan or Korea.

Oh….i’ve got a new hair cut….whaa…stylo mylo….LOL.
will upload when i get the photos into my PC!

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  1. 1

    Sherry said,

    Glad U had fun shopping.. of course 10 pair of shoes are NEVER enough.. so how’s the white chocolate in Thailand? 🙂

  2. 2

    Thomas said,

    Too bad the flavour of the month is strawberry. U know what i mean =_*

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