Busy Buzy

A terrible week has just past, and i think its gonna be permanent for the next few weeks. Work had been extremely hectic, and it requires a lot of my attention. I guess it shows that the company is really growing.

I’ve also attended HK’s baby 1st year old birthday celebration at his house, whaaa its like a year or 2 since we last met! He has become so fatherly and I was like hmmm… maybe I also have to get to my next stage of life soon. Its not like peer pressure or what…but i think I’ve been hanging ard and fooling ard too much…hahha.

Oh I was also pub hopping last night with Vic & Gim and we drank like all kinds of beers thats available along Clarke quay. I got home at about 2:30 and i was dead beat. When my phone alarm goes off, argh……. I’ve to crawl myself out of my bed so that i can reach office to settles some of the mails and stuffs. BTW wild elephant has got some nasty jokes. u guys might wanna check it out.

Might be traveling to Penang the following weeks, think i might have to be station there for a couple of weeks. hehe….hope i can get things settled and make it back for national day….LOL…count on me Singapore!!!!

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    Sherry said,

    Stop working your ass off..anyway, how was your “getting to know the business” thingy on Thurs or Friday?

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