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Secondary School Gathering

Time really fly zoom, Its been 16+ years since we 1st meet and 16yrs later, we are still a bunch of playful kids.

I guess the most tiring part about organizing an reunion who be having to reply the questions.

1) Whose going huh?
2) What we doing?
3) Can don’t go so far.

And then again being the “Kwai Lan” me. I choose not to answer/reply/ignore to all these listed replies. To me…the correct answer should be.

“Great, where, ok…see u guys there!”

Then again all these are the minorities, guess minorities are often left out after all, thats why its call minorities. I’m not trying to criticize or getting everyone to conform to my standard. But what I’m stating is just fact of life. I wasn’t pissed or anything. I’m just too lazy to be bothered by all these anymore. We can’t waste the whole forest just because of 1 tree. Moreover….a few happening jokers can make everyone day.

We’ll be planning for a sentosa trip. Hopefully, this time we can take some decent class photos and compare to our year book. Damn thats nostalgic. yeah…the good old days…

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I thought i was but I wasn’t.

I thought I could pull through it ; but didn’t.
I thought I have seen through life ; I haven’t
I thought I can control my tears ; I couldn’t
I thought I am emotionally strong ; I wasn’t

I couldn’t control my tears when they were about to cover up the coffin. I broke into tears when memories of him came flashing in my mind. Though we were living far apart and only catches up only during certain festive season, I know I miss him because my heart felt so.

I miss you.

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Busy both inside and outside!

Things I’m busy with,
:: Work :: Family :: Friends :: Dogs :: Rest ::

:: Work ::
As usual, alot of things to attend to, especially overseas project.
Arggh..things always happen when I’m underpowered!!

:: Family ::
One of my uncle just pass away last night due to a sudden heart attack while he is reading the papers. Sigh…life is just unpredictable. it kept me pondering the whole night of how fragile life is and how having a proper diet and proper exercise is important us.

Victor is also shifting house, and i’m helping him sell away some of his unwanted stuffs. Damn..his house is big, but still..hahah..mine is bigger. Sigh..Property on the rise. Maybe can consider getting a house in batam..hehe..the one by the shore.

Oh…We need a new air-con. Gain City seems to have the best deal!

:: Friends ::
Edwin tied the knot last Sat, hahaha….so happy for “Ginna” Edwin. He even installed a post solemnization activity for us. Haha….NDP preview fireworks. Watch it with nana.

We wanted to go drinking at Clark Quay but later adjourned to Mhd. Sultan since its nearer to Gallery Hotel where Mr. & Ms Edwin Tan is staying. Was surprise that Mhd. Sultan is now ghost town…whaa…scary siah!! We end up at a pub beside UE2 called “Bar Celona”.

Haha..played Dai Di..and poor Bobby didn’t win a round and nana lost the last game having to eat up all the carrots. U 2 are such lousy player! haha

:: Dogs ::
Got him at clementi…so decided to call him Clement. Haha…he never pang sai for 2 days and got us worried. Fed him with Papaya and finally comes to “poo poo” There is so much commitment to a dog, I never had such fatherly feelings coming over me and i told myself, that I’ll take care of him and give him my undivided attention. He is toilet train in 3days..hehe…so proud of him. though he can’t aim properly. LOL.
Wat do you expect, me men can’t aim that well at times. Haha.

:: Rest ::
Will catch some sleep when ever I have the time, coz i always wake up at the weirdest hours and there is like a built-in alarm clock that goes off sounding “hey wakie wakie” Whaa Piang!!!

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