Secondary School Gathering

Time really fly zoom, Its been 16+ years since we 1st meet and 16yrs later, we are still a bunch of playful kids.

I guess the most tiring part about organizing an reunion who be having to reply the questions.

1) Whose going huh?
2) What we doing?
3) Can don’t go so far.

And then again being the “Kwai Lan” me. I choose not to answer/reply/ignore to all these listed replies. To me…the correct answer should be.

“Great, where, ok…see u guys there!”

Then again all these are the minorities, guess minorities are often left out after all, thats why its call minorities. I’m not trying to criticize or getting everyone to conform to my standard. But what I’m stating is just fact of life. I wasn’t pissed or anything. I’m just too lazy to be bothered by all these anymore. We can’t waste the whole forest just because of 1 tree. Moreover….a few happening jokers can make everyone day.

We’ll be planning for a sentosa trip. Hopefully, this time we can take some decent class photos and compare to our year book. Damn thats nostalgic. yeah…the good old days…

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