2yrs of blogging

My first post date back to June 2005, and to date I have about 60 post.
Hmm..thats is to say, I blog at an average of 1 post per month.
Thats pretty consistent, considering that I have at least 60 intention to blog.
I realize that I seldom write about stuffs involving me, thats because I am a people watcher.
I watch people and try to relate myself to their activities and behaviour. Asking myself. why this why that?

I guess I must have spend too much time observing others that I sometime neglected myself and
and those close to me. Ignoring the fact that my every action affects them. I’ve always think that no one
understand me more than I do. Perhaps its me who don’t understand about myself. I’ve not been watching
my actions and the cause and effect. Its Karma.!! sigh…there goes my day!

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