Beautiful girls

Was having with Nana & Vyon and we dicuss over the difference between men and women definition of Beautiful Girls.

Hehe…Nana was pretty much to my side cause I did an experiment with her and she “sort of” admitted  the errors in her definition. Convincing is my game 🙂

Well, do you think men spend more time looking at REAL PHYSICAL women or is it women who spends more time looking at them? I’m proud to present you….Its the MEN! We ogled  at them at time, just for your info!

We can clearly pick out who is a looker and who is not along orchard road. Thats the experiment between me and Nana.  We were walking along Orchard road and I told her…look…that women got a good figure and not bad looking. Her reply *something along the line* “HUH??? like this also consider not bad”. So i propose her a challenge, thats if she can find someone who is better than her before we reach the next traffic light.

Haha…of cause she can’t find another!! Ain’t you surprise, when we all believe that Orchard  will have many happening looking ladies? Nah. When a guy says she not bad, it also mean…there isn’t 1 along the way 🙂 heh!! Women got their definition of women beauty through magazine and fashion shows? what do you expect form all these source, they are top of the line beauty!!  You don’t get these BREEDs easily…especially on broad day light…hahhah.

Conclusion, men knows whats beautiful when he sees one. Women, they don’t get it.

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