Prior to this Post

Its been a hectic week…I need more rest!!!

Okie, back to the “Do your maths! Lets play a game”

The correct answer or choice would be. R E P I C K another C A R D

Reason: When you first pick it, its 1 out of 5 chance you will pick the right card. Thats 20% chances of guessing it right!!
However, upon knowing 1 of it is the wrong card, re- picking another would give you a 1 out of 4 chance. Thats 25% of guessing it right. You just UP your chance by another 5%.

So when playing guessing games, ofter we reply too much on our own instinct and ego that its the RIGHT ONE and standing by it. Heh…thats so mathematically incorrect and irrational!

So, who wanna play poker with me *grin*

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