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Chocolate Box

Having mention about mooncake boxes in my previous. Over the weekend, Nana dug out one of my chocolate boxes. Its those Van Houton chocolate box back then, about the size of A4. There wasn’t Ferrero Rocher chocolate back then.

This box contains all the letters, post cards & greeting cards I’ve gotten back then. Record shows the last one I receive goes way back to year 2002. Argh…. I think i start receiving e-cards and sms there on. Sigh…Kind of sad if you think about it, where are those human touch….those sweet and hard to read handwritings. Also not to mention those stamps. Damn…thats nostalgic!

Among them were also letters from me which I never had the courage or just too lazy to get a stamp and send out. Were there my regrets? maybe, I think thats what i said to myself when i read them.

Back then, I also write a few line of greetings and thoughts in my cards. I want the recipient to feel that this card was personalized by me. Thats was always my intention and I usually sign off as, “The one and only”

Maybe I should start sending cards again. I’ll jot this down and start asking my peers for their address again. And I can almost foresee that they will be shock and asking if I gonna send them my wedding invitation card.

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Is giving a not so glamor mooncake as a gift be considered as stingy? Damn… Its not like i did not try the mooncake and just grab and go? I did try it and I find it tasty. Isn’t that the whole reason behind the mooncake? A nice and tasty mooncake.

So what if it comes in nice packaging but the fillings are so damn sweet to peoples liking?  We still get them? So that the box could be kept as display? GOSH! I decided not give any mooncake, I decided to be the badie AGAIN!

I like it when people hate me. I somehow find that an enjoyment. *grinz*

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Shake shake……tada!

Have been busy with work lately…and it rather stressful thats I have to make sure that the project I bring in are profitable.
Though I perform better when under pressure but at a point it makes me think if I’m enjoying what I’m doing. Maybe I should just get a simple 8-5 work following a 8-5 routine. One can never earn enough money u know!! sigh…

Anyway,  went to SLS on Saturday to get a HDD. Most stalls open only after 11am  and I’m there at 10am. Therefore went to have my Rochor Tau Huey. Argh…its not open, another shop beside it was also selling Tau Huey but decide to give a pass. Haha, my taste bud has been pampered too much. No breakie?? NO WAY! Went to have prata and ginger tea at Bencoleen. Prata was OK, but tea was too sweet!

Next, proceed to Waterloo street to “PAI PAI”, attempt to get a “qian”. hehe, that thing is so heavy and my wrist are almost aching. Finally the “qian” fall out and got the approval after throwing the 2 kidney shape thing.

NUMBER 13? whaa sounds like a unlucky number but it turns out to be a extremely good one.  Nana is safe keeping the explanatory note. I wasn’t particularly happy about it, I was actually confused. I ask myself, HOW TRUE?

When it comes to god, my faith just isn’t there. I’m just not convince. Maybe the fact there are so many out there that complicates things. Worst still some even bad mouth about others. LOL.  BLASPHEMY!!!!!

Went for a Hair cut on Sunday morning, and slack throughout the day with a runny nose!

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Bad Influence.

I think I might be sick.
I’m sick in the mind.
I think I’m God, if there is one.
I’m a self proclaim self believer.
I commit propaganda.
I make people lost their sense of direction.
I make people believe in me.

Actually thats what I thought! But I think I’m not.

Most people are just too weak minded with no directions or believes of their own.
Thats why people agree to me. I remember tell someone Christian that I’m a Self Believer!
And guess whats their reply? “For God Sake, there is no such thing”
I replied, for whose sake again? GOD? Okie…U r indeed a Christian.

I believe for my own sake, not for the sake of someone else.

Every now and then, there is always someone who wants to break away from something.
Spare the forsaken lamb. Bleehhh Bleeehh…

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Odex HaaHoo

I got linked to Mr Brown blog and found a interesting post about some anti-ODEX STRIKE which is not widely covered.

I salute these guys! You made Singaporean proud. Watching anime has really widen their horizon and the do THINK out of the BOX. It was a “NEAT” strike!

Check them out first hand ::HERE:: & ::HERE::

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Have anyone been to The Central near Clark Quay, I swear that they have the most number of escalator compared to all the escalator in Takashimaya & Wisma!! They also have the weirdest layout. I so tough to shop there, its like a maze!

Shopping is hell there but dinning is great at Waraku Japanese Casual Dining. Nice pizza! YUMMY!

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Bitching Session

Finish my appt at Tuas and was aboout to go home and Abb called and asked if I’m meeting her for coffee, she is at Leng Kee shopping for her new car..what a bitch.

Pass by my home while on the way to Great World. Argh…I could be at home resting. But I felt a certain remorse coming over me. hehe,  I didn’t wish her Happy Birthday on her Birthday. She complained that we are friends for 10over years and I’m still so heartless!

I reach Great World at 4:30 and that BITCH made me wait for 1hr 30mins. Arghh..I swear I would have walk off if its anyone else. But I decided to be a patience man! I finish a latte, 2 cookies ,2 glass of sky dew, and a slice of cake and she has yet to appear. BITCH BITCH BITCH!

We sat for a hour after she came before making our way to Central mall for dinner. Dinner was great and the desert was not as good as what they serve in other branch.

Pop down to ICB for a drink with Scine, and latter switch over the Que Pasa. Had Champagne and we bitch abou everyone we knew since the IRC days and god knows why, the 2 are suddenly into fortune telling and praying. Whaa piang, They really tempt me into wanting to know more about my life. I’ve never went for fortune telling nor wat so ever.

Maybe I should really get my life read. Any Shi Fu to recommend?

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