Had a “shaggamania” weekend.

Had Subway before catching 881 at GV. Subway is having a promo where they give free upgrade to drinks and cookies for all foot-long sandwiches. So the queue was pretty long. Thats where Nana had a discovery!!! She notice that people who queue up are slim people, especially the women. We then had a conclusion that, plump girls can’t do away with subway. It was then 2 plump girls join the queue and we both broke into laughter. Okie, thats their first step to becoming slim. LOL. We are evil people *grinz*

Went IT show with Bra and Nana, hehe manage to get into the show before it opens at 12noon. All thanks to bear bear!! Phew.. are we glad we went in early, the crowd was horrible when the door was open. I expected it, but it was first time experience for Nana. I got a Notebook, Printer, Notebook cooler, 2gb thumb drive, 19″LCD monitor & a speaker.

Luckily we are provided with a trolley, else I couldn’t imagine how we going to carryall these stuffs back to the car. WHICH is NOT parked at SUNTEC!

Not so lucky after all, I forget to redeem the free upgrade of ram for the Lappy. Arghh… had to go back to
Suntec to redeem it. Sigh. But not a bad trip after all. They had this bed linen sale and I brought a set of quit and bed linen set. 500 freaking thread count., muahah…I’m so going to glide on my bed!

Trust me, for those who have not experience high thread count bed sheets. You gonna love it.

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  1. 1

    Old Beng said,

    ha ha ha, typo error from you

    “brought a set of quit” 🙂

  2. 2

    onethefool said,

    haha…ops…should be quilt!


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