I like the show, and there is no doubt about it.

People where complaining about the use of special effects where lasers were shooting out of their bras.I just felt that Royston added some touch up to it. Imagine if there isn’t any effect, and the scene will just be them praying to god, and as god would have god answered their prayer and they became the popular Papaya Sister. Now thats boring right?

And damn…that tune is catchy, tough I’ve heard it numerous time before this movie. It never actually creep into my mind.
I’m unconsciously humming to the tune every now and then!

Here is something lame, I’m on MSN with Nana while writing this post, we were chatting about the different version of the songs. I came up with this version. Laugh if you may. hehe

A little of each other
Bring us together
A little of our love
Make us fall in love
A little of our time
Its marriage of a lifetime.


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