Bitching Session

Finish my appt at Tuas and was aboout to go home and Abb called and asked if I’m meeting her for coffee, she is at Leng Kee shopping for her new car..what a bitch.

Pass by my home while on the way to Great World. Argh…I could be at home resting. But I felt a certain remorse coming over me. hehe,  I didn’t wish her Happy Birthday on her Birthday. She complained that we are friends for 10over years and I’m still so heartless!

I reach Great World at 4:30 and that BITCH made me wait for 1hr 30mins. Arghh..I swear I would have walk off if its anyone else. But I decided to be a patience man! I finish a latte, 2 cookies ,2 glass of sky dew, and a slice of cake and she has yet to appear. BITCH BITCH BITCH!

We sat for a hour after she came before making our way to Central mall for dinner. Dinner was great and the desert was not as good as what they serve in other branch.

Pop down to ICB for a drink with Scine, and latter switch over the Que Pasa. Had Champagne and we bitch abou everyone we knew since the IRC days and god knows why, the 2 are suddenly into fortune telling and praying. Whaa piang, They really tempt me into wanting to know more about my life. I’ve never went for fortune telling nor wat so ever.

Maybe I should really get my life read. Any Shi Fu to recommend?

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