Finishing Line

I’ll be running in the Standard Chartered Marathon. Was contemplating between half or full marathon and decided to go for the half instead after some advise from Dua B. This gonna be another accomplishment for year 2007. Its about time I exert some self-discipline and push myself to accomplish what seems impossible.

BTW, these kind of events ain’t cheap!! $49.3 after discount.
Ohh…. I’ve came up with some training program which will include running 3 times a week with a minimum of 1hr duration per run. Aiming to be able to run non-stop for 3-4hours by the BIG DAY!

Okie here is what I’ve been doing during the weekend. mainly

Sign up for Standard Chartered Marathon and have a good dinner at Clementi. Damn… the rojak queue was long but was compensated by its food. Yummy!!

Meet up with Small b and Max at their warehouse. Hmm.. they are storage place Addiction Dog Food! Hehe ask them to check if I could get it at a discounted price. Good food are so damn XXX.

Accompany Nana to Haig Road for checkup. Had breakie at a Malaysia coffee shop style hawker before the check up and I must say the dumplings and Prata taste excellent. We then had our lunch at another hawker and the handmade fish ball is supered too! There is just so many good food around the area! But too bad I’m not a east sider!
Next, we went shopping and she went gaga over it. haha..I must say its not your everyday shopping mall but the variety of clothes there are quite trendy and the staffs there are friendly too. Its like a different world!

Brought Clement for his grooming and hadÿ branch at Bukit Timah Hawker. Satay Bee Hoon is over rated, but the carrot cake is good. Will try the Mee Siam in Bukit Timah plaza next time. The queue is freaking long for such a tiny kiosk.
Went mall hoping at Beauty World and Bukit Timah Shopping Center. Its damn nostalgic when walking around the mall, i remember I used to hang out that area when I was in primary school. Few of the shops I remembered are still around. Its been 20yrs and it really bought back some memories.

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  1. 1

    Old Beng said,

    lim peh and cha-bo-lang go to Bt Timah Plaza almost every weekend for foot-reflex.

    Had tried the mee siam (a little too ex for lim peh)

    We may have walked pass each other unknowingly

  2. 2

    onethefool said,

    whaa..maybe we really did cross path or me did peep into those foot reflex shop and saw u. haha…wat a small world

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