Bad Influence.

I think I might be sick.
I’m sick in the mind.
I think I’m God, if there is one.
I’m a self proclaim self believer.
I commit propaganda.
I make people lost their sense of direction.
I make people believe in me.

Actually thats what I thought! But I think I’m not.

Most people are just too weak minded with no directions or believes of their own.
Thats why people agree to me. I remember tell someone Christian that I’m a Self Believer!
And guess whats their reply? “For God Sake, there is no such thing”
I replied, for whose sake again? GOD? Okie…U r indeed a Christian.

I believe for my own sake, not for the sake of someone else.

Every now and then, there is always someone who wants to break away from something.
Spare the forsaken lamb. Bleehhh Bleeehh…

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