Shake shake……tada!

Have been busy with work lately…and it rather stressful thats I have to make sure that the project I bring in are profitable.
Though I perform better when under pressure but at a point it makes me think if I’m enjoying what I’m doing. Maybe I should just get a simple 8-5 work following a 8-5 routine. One can never earn enough money u know!! sigh…

Anyway,  went to SLS on Saturday to get a HDD. Most stalls open only after 11am  and I’m there at 10am. Therefore went to have my Rochor Tau Huey. Argh…its not open, another shop beside it was also selling Tau Huey but decide to give a pass. Haha, my taste bud has been pampered too much. No breakie?? NO WAY! Went to have prata and ginger tea at Bencoleen. Prata was OK, but tea was too sweet!

Next, proceed to Waterloo street to “PAI PAI”, attempt to get a “qian”. hehe, that thing is so heavy and my wrist are almost aching. Finally the “qian” fall out and got the approval after throwing the 2 kidney shape thing.

NUMBER 13? whaa sounds like a unlucky number but it turns out to be a extremely good one.  Nana is safe keeping the explanatory note. I wasn’t particularly happy about it, I was actually confused. I ask myself, HOW TRUE?

When it comes to god, my faith just isn’t there. I’m just not convince. Maybe the fact there are so many out there that complicates things. Worst still some even bad mouth about others. LOL.  BLASPHEMY!!!!!

Went for a Hair cut on Sunday morning, and slack throughout the day with a runny nose!

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