Chocolate Box

Having mention about mooncake boxes in my previous. Over the weekend, Nana dug out one of my chocolate boxes. Its those Van Houton chocolate box back then, about the size of A4. There wasn’t Ferrero Rocher chocolate back then.

This box contains all the letters, post cards & greeting cards I’ve gotten back then. Record shows the last one I receive goes way back to year 2002. Argh…. I think i start receiving e-cards and sms there on. Sigh…Kind of sad if you think about it, where are those human touch….those sweet and hard to read handwritings. Also not to mention those stamps. Damn…thats nostalgic!

Among them were also letters from me which I never had the courage or just too lazy to get a stamp and send out. Were there my regrets? maybe, I think thats what i said to myself when i read them.

Back then, I also write a few line of greetings and thoughts in my cards. I want the recipient to feel that this card was personalized by me. Thats was always my intention and I usually sign off as, “The one and only”

Maybe I should start sending cards again. I’ll jot this down and start asking my peers for their address again. And I can almost foresee that they will be shock and asking if I gonna send them my wedding invitation card.

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