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猫山王 Durian

I had the most freaking expensive durian of my life.

The durian cost $70 for a 2.2KG durian. ONE DURIAN ONLY.
Si Bei HEART PAIN!!! where there hell is 猫山王!!

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IRC Pals

Meet up with Ice & Snow last wed for a catch up.  I’ll talk about how I meet them in later part.

I suggested Waraku and ask snow to make a reservation at CENTRAL knowing it will be full house. Eh…. she did make a reservation at Waraku…and at CENTRAL. BUT its Waraku Dinning and not Waraku Pasta. boo hoo.. apparently there is a miscommunication.

Food!!! I still prefer Waraku pasta, they’ve got much friendlier staffs and nicer food.  Our next catch up will be at  Waraku Pasta. hehe their treat!

I told Nana about my catch up with them and she sort of find me WEIRD! Coz I got to know them thru IRC. I’ve known them like 10yrs back and I still have a couples of IRC pals I still catch up with regularly. She ask if I’m lonely and desperate for friends? My replied. Its during an ERA of IT evolution and its just happening in those day. You wun understand coz she dun own a PC back then. She is sad and it then bought to my awareness that owning a PC back then is quite a Hoo Haa! I’m considered as an fortunate kid.

Owning a 1200kbs modem back then and  all stffs are in ANSI, we got teleview and BBS. and there isn’t INTERNET(WWW)

I still think IRC is fun back then, not sure about now 🙂   Those were the days & I cherish then friends I had from there.
We are the Champions.

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Too bizarre to be true??

Whaa liew….why pple will call and ask me..if the peeping tom incident is real or not?
Such bizarre incident can’t happen to me meh?

Anyway, tempting to go Zouk for Halloween party tomorrow. Now cracking my head what to dress up as?
Any creative idea? Me thinking of becoming a voodoo doll.

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IT Department

I called the investigating office yesterday regarding the case and guess what they told me.

They have confiscated the camera phone and is being sent to the police computer department for investigation.  It will take about a month before they can come up with the report. Whaa…. what kind of computer are the using and how many computer have the got there??

Anyway I told the IO that if it isn’t a criminal offense, they have to let me know early so I can pursue this issue via a lawyer.
How can let this kind of weirdo roam freely in the streets.

Then again, I can’t imagine the pain the family members have to go through upon knowing that their father, husband, brother, son, neighbor or colleague has committed such indecent act.

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The most bizarre incident.

I had the most bizarre incident happen to me yesterday. I caught a freaking PEEPING TOM!! If thats bizarre enough…..heh. I caught HIM snapping a photo of me for the other cubicle in was in while I’m clearing my bowels.

The funny part was I immediately pull up my pants without cleaning my ass and gave chase to him. I bet he thought I was gonna wipe my ass before chasing him and thus him have the extra time to get away. FAT HOPE. I caught hold of him and quickly Tried to grab the phone off him. We scuffle a little and I was really at the verge of throwing a few punch at him, but my mind told me not too. Coz I can’t manage my strength especially when I’m in anger. I might just kill that freak. I told myself, if he don’t he me, I won’t retaliate.

I finally manage to snatch the phone off his hands and I made my way to the door to request for help. He is like a kid preventing me from going to the door. Heh. Too bad, I’ve got some strength there despite my physique. Some lady heard my call and immediately called for help. The guards came in, I told them to get away from me while I excuse myself to another washroom to wipe my ass. I’m a civilize man. LOL

He was escorted to the guard room while I gave my statement to the police. I went through the camera in search of my pic. Pheww… the photo had me with my shorts down. My face ain’t captured, phew. He is not a really a good camera man.

Oh I had the phone hand over to the police, and I do hope they have a case against him. I also wonder if they will keep the photo as evidence and also return the phone back to him.

I’m gonna check with the police later part of the day.

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Yakuza Moon


Had lunch at Pan Pacific, they were featuring a guest chef and the medium rare tuna steak was mouth watering. Nice.

Anyway had some time yesterday and I finish Yakuza Moon in about 4hrs. Its very easy to read and very captivating. Oh..very descriptive too. I might understand where she is coming from. To me this isn’t about tattoo or drugs sex. Its experiencing life at its “worst”

I must admit that the cover is over rated and like a marketing strategy. It has almost nothing to do with the story. Overall, compared to Falling Leaves which feature pitiful people. Yazuka Moon is easier to digest. I don’t think the will be a next book unless she wanna tok about her bros which she don’t cover much here. Thumbs Up!

And no,I don’t have the book, I read it in 4 hrs and return it to Gim.

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Songs that makes u smile

Oh… I’ve decided not to blog on my friends wife. So lets proceed to the next chapter.

Over the weekend, I’ve took some time to went online to go search for some classic songs during my times. Thats the era of 80s and 90s.

While streaming the songs.. NaNa was like…whaa… I like this and that song. And even hokkien songs song which our parents used to play brought us down memory lanes. We talk about how we would spend our monies on tidbits and toys.

Here is a list of things we miss..

  1. Xiao Ding Dang chocolate box with toys (Choc sux but the toy is worth the surprise) 50cents
  2. Cylinder Ice cream (Thoe ice cream you push up like a lipstick) 50cents
  3. Triangle shape packet milk (40cents)
  4. Whistling sweet (those round sweet you can whistle with) 10cents
  5. Kaka (chicken flavor crunchy balls with a little toys inside, you will lick the packet clean) 20cents
  6. M&M look alike choc. pack in the shape of a Eye Mask (20cents)

Whaa classic right? Anyway below is a classic MV with her infamous “hand sign”

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Busy Weekend *sigh* again

Had company dinner on Friday. Buffet is really not for me. I prefer quality food to quantity food. Haha.. too much food make me a sleepy boy man. We talk after dinner and joke around, and as usual we chipped in money to buy some numbers for the weekend. Wanted to but “4567” as it appear on the receipt. HOWEVER P claims that the number is  “wicked” and will not come out, thus we bought another set of numbers.

Haha as luck would have, the number came out 3rd prize on Saturday. We were all speechless coz finger pointing is enough to show our disappointment. LOL.

Accompanied Nana to see her backbone sensei. As usual we had our fav. prata, fried carrot cake & wanton noodle. “Yumilicious”.  Reaching the sensei place ,we notice a unusual sight, one of the sensei’s son’s girlfriend was there too.

She wasn’t really weired looking but her nationally set us thinking. We immediately talk about it after leaving the place.
You see, she was  PRC, and the sensei family were Singaporean. Under normal circumstances, parents would usually object their son from seeing someone of another nationality.I’m not racist or perhaps I’m a little stereotype at first.

I thought about it and sigh upon my discovery(maybe). I ask Nana, how many Singaporean girls can tahan their boyfriend working over the weekends for their parents and not spending time with them. I ask again, “u got any friends thats you think might be able to accept such facts?” Not surprisingly, there isn’t any we could think of to accept such situation.

Its a sad things to know, but in my hearts, these 2 have my blessings. It put a smile back on my face thinking the sacrifice each of them have to made.

Worst day of the week!!  Suppose to go for my training but decide to postpone to another day.Went 10miles junction for breakie and bought a clipper for Clement. We put it right into work and start clipping our Clement.

Lesson learn,  haha always wear a mask when clipping your pets. The fine hair cause our nose to itch. Haha… I must say we did quite a good job and he looks as its professionally groom.

Went over to Tampines for my LQ’s hair salon opening. Wow nice concept, Its called Hair Resort and its really resort style. A nice and cosy place and if not for the location being EAST. I would definitely go there for my hair cut. Oh… my flowers from Humming House looks really great as compared to others.

Did some catch up and went through some hair products recommendations. Haha must support ma…so bought a can of hair gum. Smell really nice. I but women will be attracted to my hair. Opps.

Next we adjourned to Tampines mall to shop for a gift for Xiong’s new born. This will be in another entry coz I shall talk about post natal blues symptoms…. and that this entry has been long enough 🙂

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I don’t know if I’m having insomnia, but I’ll wake up at the weirdest hours and I can’t get back to sleep. I actually feel WIDE awake!! Surf a little check and replied a few emails….dunno what else can i do in the middle of the morning. Sigh…

I know it might be STRESS…but I dunno I stress from what…hahaha, and there is like no urgency to it.

Oh…it will a tiring weekend ahead, so many place to attend… and they r all in the EAST. Argh…
Attending Salon grand opening and a Baby First Month!! What kinna day is that man!! SUNDAY???

Oh…had a interesting conversation with Ah Xiong. I knew his wife gave birth recently and he msg me yesterday informing his baby first month celebration will be this coming Sunday.. I replied WHAT this Sunday.. knnz so fast?? I though will be next Sunday?? He wrote…Bo bian ” short gun ma” muahha… funny answer…anyway its his 2nd kid already. Don’t think otherwise. That’s why its so funny!!!

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Sianz Half Full.

Yesterday was a sianz half day, but the way I look at it was more like Half Full rather then Half Empty. They might be the same….BUT I THINK its NOT. So lets just do with that.

Things goes this way,

I talk to my boss about my colleague performance, we decide to talk to him
I talk to my boss about increasing my colleague pay, we agree on a increment of $200

After I left my boss room, he went in and tender his resignation letter, Boss ask him to hand the letter to me, coz I’m his direct BOSS! He hand to me, I read it, I wasn’t shock, I told him I’ll talk to him about it tomorrow.

I know I’m pushing him and stressing him in work, all because he couldn’t get it done properly. So I’ll tell him these,
Hehe… got my script all in my head…here goes…

Glad to know that you found a job of your interest, but as a company policy we have to get some feedback from you.
1, The reason for leaving.
2, What have you achieve in you time with our organization.

Just 2 question but the 2nd question will be the killer question coz the way I see it and the last time appraise him, he didn’t score quite well. Wake up call BOY!!!

Him leaving might make my job easier, coz I don’t have to supervise his job so intensively.

Why its Half FULL…. where is the other half??? COZ this mean I can’t get my 1 WEEK LEAVE for serenity!!! Argh.. Sianz Half Full…..

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