Lady Luck

Hehe… was discussing with my colleagues over lunch on the probability of a 24 permutations 4D dumber striking and also the cost effectiveness of buying it. Probability are equal to the cost of buying all 24 permutations. WHY…hehe U do the maths.

Anyway I bought a 24 permutation numbe and I struck the number. haha…the winnings are rather little but at least Lady Luck is on my side. She wasn’t with me all these while and I’m glad she is on my side now.

I went to collect my winnings today and bet a portion of it on Todays TOTO & Sat & Sun 4D. Haha, as for the rest. I’ll set them aside for my Clement. Have not been paying much attention lately. Therefore, I might get some threat or a new toy for him. Woof~

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