Sianz Half Full.

Yesterday was a sianz half day, but the way I look at it was more like Half Full rather then Half Empty. They might be the same….BUT I THINK its NOT. So lets just do with that.

Things goes this way,

I talk to my boss about my colleague performance, we decide to talk to him
I talk to my boss about increasing my colleague pay, we agree on a increment of $200

After I left my boss room, he went in and tender his resignation letter, Boss ask him to hand the letter to me, coz I’m his direct BOSS! He hand to me, I read it, I wasn’t shock, I told him I’ll talk to him about it tomorrow.

I know I’m pushing him and stressing him in work, all because he couldn’t get it done properly. So I’ll tell him these,
Hehe… got my script all in my head…here goes…

Glad to know that you found a job of your interest, but as a company policy we have to get some feedback from you.
1, The reason for leaving.
2, What have you achieve in you time with our organization.

Just 2 question but the 2nd question will be the killer question coz the way I see it and the last time appraise him, he didn’t score quite well. Wake up call BOY!!!

Him leaving might make my job easier, coz I don’t have to supervise his job so intensively.

Why its Half FULL…. where is the other half??? COZ this mean I can’t get my 1 WEEK LEAVE for serenity!!! Argh.. Sianz Half Full…..

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    I would suggest it better to skip getting under knife so that we can have a safe nose job done.

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