I don’t know if I’m having insomnia, but I’ll wake up at the weirdest hours and I can’t get back to sleep. I actually feel WIDE awake!! Surf a little check and replied a few emails….dunno what else can i do in the middle of the morning. Sigh…

I know it might be STRESS…but I dunno I stress from what…hahaha, and there is like no urgency to it.

Oh…it will a tiring weekend ahead, so many place to attend… and they r all in the EAST. Argh…
Attending Salon grand opening and a Baby First Month!! What kinna day is that man!! SUNDAY???

Oh…had a interesting conversation with Ah Xiong. I knew his wife gave birth recently and he msg me yesterday informing his baby first month celebration will be this coming Sunday.. I replied WHAT this Sunday.. knnz so fast?? I though will be next Sunday?? He wrote…Bo bian ” short gun ma” muahha… funny answer…anyway its his 2nd kid already. Don’t think otherwise. That’s why its so funny!!!

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