Songs that makes u smile

Oh… I’ve decided not to blog on my friends wife. So lets proceed to the next chapter.

Over the weekend, I’ve took some time to went online to go search for some classic songs during my times. Thats the era of 80s and 90s.

While streaming the songs.. NaNa was like…whaa… I like this and that song. And even hokkien songs song which our parents used to play brought us down memory lanes. We talk about how we would spend our monies on tidbits and toys.

Here is a list of things we miss..

  1. Xiao Ding Dang chocolate box with toys (Choc sux but the toy is worth the surprise) 50cents
  2. Cylinder Ice cream (Thoe ice cream you push up like a lipstick) 50cents
  3. Triangle shape packet milk (40cents)
  4. Whistling sweet (those round sweet you can whistle with) 10cents
  5. Kaka (chicken flavor crunchy balls with a little toys inside, you will lick the packet clean) 20cents
  6. M&M look alike choc. pack in the shape of a Eye Mask (20cents)

Whaa classic right? Anyway below is a classic MV with her infamous “hand sign”

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