Yakuza Moon


Had lunch at Pan Pacific, they were featuring a guest chef and the medium rare tuna steak was mouth watering. Nice.

Anyway had some time yesterday and I finish Yakuza Moon in about 4hrs. Its very easy to read and very captivating. Oh..very descriptive too. I might understand where she is coming from. To me this isn’t about tattoo or drugs sex. Its experiencing life at its “worst”

I must admit that the cover is over rated and like a marketing strategy. It has almost nothing to do with the story. Overall, compared to Falling Leaves which feature pitiful people. Yazuka Moon is easier to digest. I don’t think the will be a next book unless she wanna tok about her bros which she don’t cover much here. Thumbs Up!

And no,I don’t have the book, I read it in 4 hrs and return it to Gim.

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  1. 1

    FF said,

    I’ve been dying to get my hands on this book..!!

  2. 2

    onethefool said,

    FF> I’m going to buy this book though I’ve read it. Its just worth collecting.

  3. 3

    great recession in short… tks. šŸ™‚ / Warm regards – ElJay.

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