The most bizarre incident.

I had the most bizarre incident happen to me yesterday. I caught a freaking PEEPING TOM!! If thats bizarre enough…..heh. I caught HIM snapping a photo of me for the other cubicle in was in while I’m clearing my bowels.

The funny part was I immediately pull up my pants without cleaning my ass and gave chase to him. I bet he thought I was gonna wipe my ass before chasing him and thus him have the extra time to get away. FAT HOPE. I caught hold of him and quickly Tried to grab the phone off him. We scuffle a little and I was really at the verge of throwing a few punch at him, but my mind told me not too. Coz I can’t manage my strength especially when I’m in anger. I might just kill that freak. I told myself, if he don’t he me, I won’t retaliate.

I finally manage to snatch the phone off his hands and I made my way to the door to request for help. He is like a kid preventing me from going to the door. Heh. Too bad, I’ve got some strength there despite my physique. Some lady heard my call and immediately called for help. The guards came in, I told them to get away from me while I excuse myself to another washroom to wipe my ass. I’m a civilize man. LOL

He was escorted to the guard room while I gave my statement to the police. I went through the camera in search of my pic. Pheww… the photo had me with my shorts down. My face ain’t captured, phew. He is not a really a good camera man.

Oh I had the phone hand over to the police, and I do hope they have a case against him. I also wonder if they will keep the photo as evidence and also return the phone back to him.

I’m gonna check with the police later part of the day.

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  1. 1

    Old Beng said,

    Wahahahahahaha!!!! Sorry hor, lim peh cant stop laughing.

    Eh… where is the venue huh?

  2. 2

    onethefool said,

    Its okie… I told my friends and they all broke into laughter. Venue is at Bukit Panjang Plaza, and all I wanted is to have breakfast there. Sigh…

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