Complaint Letter to NEA

I wrote a complaint letter to NEA regarding smokers who smoke at the stairway of my workplace.  I’ve told them that the stairway is suppose to be an emergency exit route. However if it catches fire, wouldn’t that be hazardous? If the management ain’t doing anything about it, they are putting the tenants lives at risk. They ought to be fine for such irresponsible act.

Guess what??? They called me within 3 workings days and had the building inspected, though they can’t find anyone smoking at the stairway but they found trace of cigarette butts on the floor. They have warn the management about it and will continue to monitor the situation for a while. He mention that if I do find such incident again, I can always write or call in to report. Heh, such efficiency from the government sector. Thumbs Up!

My next target will be Singnet MIO department. Though I dun use MIO but I’ll be complaining on Nana’s behalf. Stay tune!

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