Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Went Mountain Hill climbing at Bukit Timah Hill yesterday. I was always excited about this hill, I have some feelings for this hill, I used to live just opposite the hill and during my primary school days,I hang out quite often there.Venturing into the hills and exploring different tracks. I have friends staying just at the foot of the hill, not sure if any of you remember “orh chu”, thats what they call the housing there “black house”. They are are like squatters areas, which is like a kampong. I remembered my friend grandpa who sells roasted chestnut and we always get to free packet of it. YUMMY! Oh..I’m a kampong guy, I stayed in kampong during my childhood and I think many around my peers didn’t get to experience such stay 🙂

Okie back to the Hill, we took the Red Track and followed it up to the summit, next we back track it and followed the Blue Track to the Quarry.  The different was quite different from the one I’ve seen 20years back. Back there there wasn’t so much high rise condos and there wasn’t so much blockage from the tree branch. Seems like the tress have grown taller than me 🙂

It was a tiring walk but compensated by a costly breakfast. Had our usual 菜头果, 猪场粉 and 豆花. and additional side dish…the most expensive of them all. a freaking SUMMON ticket…..knnz…sianz 1/2.

Spend the whole afternoon sleeping and slacking. Its another day gone by. I just love weekends!

For those interested to know more about Bukit Timah Hill, here is a link. > HERE <

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