Standard Charatered 1/2 Marathon

Just collected my race tag on Saturday. I was in the 1/2 marathon queue and I think thats the shortest queue, and trust me!!! The queue was awfully long. Toh had to queue more than an hour to get his tag. I only queue mine for less than 45mins. Phew..

I’ve been slacking this month, didn’t really put in much effort for the training and I guess not being able to clock less then 180mins will not surprise me. I’ll be running alone for this marathon, can’t find anyone to join my quest for 1/2 marathon. They r either in the Full or 10km run, no one wants the 21km run…WHY?

After this run I’ll be seriously considering joining a run club. Either sg runners or safra running club. Alone I still lack the motivation and discipline to run regularly.

Osu…cheong ah!!!!

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