di du di du….. Let me hear u say YEAH

I was browsing through some of my mp3 collections and I played the album “classic disco”, I thought I gonna hear some 80’s retro music from bananarama and so on. Instead these tracks are from the 90’s… Whaa… days where Tea dance and Night Disc, at fire discotheque was the Hip of the town. Hmm..Nigh Disc?? thats what it was called then? Didn’t really ask why why disc or if it was even spell that way. Maybe is short for night disco. I remembered the bat mobile vividly and drink coke from paper cups? eh… to think of it….it feel kind of cheap!!! LOL There was group doing the running man…and peeps dancing to steps. Whaa… happening siah!!!

Later there was sparks and canto pop. Whaa… cheonging a the age of 15….eh…kinna of early right? haha

Anyway back to the song I’m gonna talk about, this is one of most played songs in disco back then.. I still think techno is something enjoyable too. Check this out and dance to the beat….2 unlimited….No limit!

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