Wedding Bells

Like the title says its gonna be a post on wedding, but I ain’t the one ringing the bells.

Since December 2007!!! I’ve attended 3 wedding function, 1 lunch & 2 dinner. My weekend was pack, I’ve to push away a few task on hand which I had plan to do because it.

I must say, its just a joyous December when the holidays r not even here yet. This December is jus gonna burn away with celebrations. 3 wedding in 2 weekends is striking some cords in me. To me wedding dinner are always so joyous but behind or after it, I often heard complaints about things being different after marriage. Love isn’t as expected as before. Whaa… I really think I got phobia in marriage perhaps the lack of confidence that I can be a good husband. Hmm…or I should say, I doubt I’ll still be appreciated as a husband. Sometimes when environment changes, people changes and expectation rises. The pursuit to meet everyone expectation is just not for me. At times I just can’t be bothered about it. If U ain’t happy, go away and carry on with another life w/o me then! I’m just a wicked man. Sigh…sad to say!

enough babbling…perhaps I’m still waiting for a love to get me home.

Enjoy the video or song.

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